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Paris Violence - …Et Nous Mourrons Trop Tôt

Islika Produktions


Originally released on CD-R in 2006, “…Et Nous Mourrons Trop Tôt” is now reissued as the fourth volume in Paris Violence’s ‘Oi! The Lost & Found Collection’-series. Ironically the series rereleases unpublished songs, demo’s and rarities, but only 75 copies of this CD were pressed. Making it a rarity on its own. You won’t hear me complain though, I received a copy (obviously) and as mentioned in previous reviews, I love the band’s sound! A win-win situation if you ask me.


As stated above, “…Et Nous Mourrons Trop Tôt” came out first in 2006 (only 50 copies were made back then) and contains sessions from 2003 and 2006, forming the basis of what would become the “Nous Sommes Nés Trop Tard” album in 2007. This album ‘only’ contained ten songs, while the two sessions combined racked up a total of 15 tracks. So obviously not all of them made the final cut, but nonetheless it’s safe to say that those who didn’t make it – such as “Institut Médico-Légal” and “Que Gronde Le Tonnerre” – hold the same atmosphere and sound compared to those that did make it. Therefor it’s easy to say that this collection is a must-have for fans of Paris Violence.


But not just for the songs that didn’t make “Nous Sommes Nés Trop Tard”, but also because the songs that did make the album are in a – sometimes completely – different version on this CD. Different sessions, remember? So with just 75 copies being pressed, a great looking digipack (which includes an eight-page booklet) and the variety of rare songs and versions of songs it all adds up, justifying the selling price for this compact disc. If you’re a fan, grab a copy now… or wait another eleven years.

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