Paris Violence - La Nostalgie Du Chaos

Islika Produktions


Undoubtedly the most reviewed band on this page is Paris Violence. Not that strange of course, given the amount of releases - whether they be new, reissues or collections - the band has released since this page started. It also means I am starting to run out of introductions I usually kick off a review with. Though it looks like I managed once again with my review on the Parisians latest reissue of “La Nostalgie Du Chaos”.


Part of Paris Violence’s series celebrating the band’s 25 year anniversary, the reissue of “La Nostalgie Du Chaos” is already the fifth CD in this series, as well as the fifth release of 2019! Originally released by Islika Produktions - who are also responsible for this edition - and Trooper Records in 2008, this mini-CD follows up “La Tentatíon Du Méant” as the second part of the band’s ‘nihilist trilogy’ “L’Appel Des Ténèbres” - almost making sure the final part - “La Fascination De L’abîme” will be reissued somewhere this year as well.


Now despite that the original release with 500 copies pressed isn’t that scarce - read, it’s still available for a fair, normal price - this reissue most likely will be more scarce soon. I am not sure how many copies were made, but like the other CD’s released in the 25 Years!-series, I reckon around a 100. Complete with all new artwork and a 12-page booklet containing the lyrics to all seven songs “La Nostalgie Du Chaos” is rich, this is definitely a title you want to keep both your series and Paris Violence’s discography complete.


As for the music, the dark, melancholic sound of this mini-album is - once again - fairly brilliant. It’s no secret I am a fan of Paris Violence’s significant sound and its synthesized melodies and “La Nostalgie Du Chaos” is no exception. Especially the melody of a song such as “Nihilisme Actif” can remain stuck in my head for days - I just love the chorus on that one! Though this can easily said about the album as a whole as well.


What will come next? I am not sure, but I do hope the upcoming anniversary releases will include some vinyl as well, though Paris Violence’s CD releases are always a pleasure as well. As is this 2019 edition of “La Nostalgie Du Chaos”!