Paris Violence - L’Apocalypse Se Fait Attendre...

Islika Produktions


Paris Violence opened the tomb once again with the re-release of 2001’s demo “L’Apocalypse Se Fait Attendre...”! Simultaneously released with the reissue of the album “En Attendant L’Apocalypse”, the demo - or maquette - displays the groundwork of what would become that exact record, originally released two years later through Dialektik Records (CD) and Grandeur Et Décadence (LP). Initially only 50 copies were produced of “L’Apocalypse Se Fait Attendre...”, but for the band’s 25th anniversary another batch of 100, completely renewed, copies were produced - making it release number seven in Paris Violence’s “Oi! The Lost & Found Collection”!


Now that was quite an introduction, but with 15 tracks and a total playtime of over 63(!) minutes “L’Apocalypse Se Fait Attendre...” is quite a sit as well! Not that I mind though, because completely remastered by Nonna (of the band 1984) this demo sounds like an album on its own - and a great one while we’re at it! But that isn’t the only change that has been applied to this release, because besides the remastering the artwork and lay-out is completely different and the tracklist has been shuffled around - now putting the demo-tracks in the same order as they would be released two years later on “En Attendant L’Apocalypse”.


But despite the similar tracklist and the fact that the songs are in essence the same - the early recordings of tracks such as “D’Outre-Tombe”, “En Attendant L’Apocalypse”, “Les Décadents”, “Dandysme” and “Confessions D’un Opiomane” do have a different sound and arrangement - though this obviously isn’t a problem, at all! My review on the reissue of “En Attendant L’Apocalypse” will follow later, but I can already tell you that both the demo and final version of each song sounds superb! And just like the original 2001 release, 2019’s version of “L’Apocalypse Se Fait Attendre...” includes four ‘bonus-tracks’ that didn’t make it to the album, namely “Le Goût Du Péché”, “On Se Lasse De Tout”, “Décembre À Paris” and the instrumental version of “Mornes Horizons”. All four have never been re-recorded for an ‘official’ album or EP - as far as I know.


I guess I am more of a ‘vinyl guy’, but Paris Violence always puts out killer, limited released CD’s and “L’Apocalypse Se Fait Attendre...” is no exception! If you plan on buying the reissue of “En Attendant L’Apocalypse” (out through Laketown Records, Combat Rock and Islika Produktions), make sure you grab a copy of CD as well!