Paris Violence – Amante Glaciaire

Ediciones Limitadas


Besides the recently reviewed 12” maxi-EP “Absinthe Et Suites…”, France’s own release-machine Paris Violence also unleashed a 7” single – at the same time – entitled “Amante Glaciaire”! Just like the 12”, this 7” was released by the Spanish label Ediciones Limitadas – so yet again it’s very limited!


Expecting to hear more of that significant sound by the Parisians, the band musically surprised me in a very positive way! Because with no drum computer, keyboard, synthesizer or programming in sight, Paris Violence kicks this 45 off with “Paris Soud La Grace” – a song featuring only your more ‘traditional’ Oi! and punk instruments, but damn does it sound good! If you read my previous reviews on this band you know that I love the new-wave influences in their sound, but even without these influences Paris Violence sounds great! The raw sound, the superb guitar melodies, the raucous gang-vocals on the chorus, Flav’s raspy voice… Excellent!


Hoping to find more of this renewed sound on the flipside, I anxiously turn the 7” around and… - yup! It’s funny how this single differs musically from the recently released, aforementioned 12” – though you still hear that it are the Parisians straight away! I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard Paris Violence sound as solid and as tight as a full band like on this release, but I can say that Ediciones Limitadas released some of the band’s best work with both “Amante Glaciaire” and “Absinthe Et Suites…”!


Like I’ve already mentioned, this single is once again a very limited release. With just 50 copies on black vinyl and another 100 copies on clear blue vinyl – and each color with different front cover artwork, drawn by Flav himself, this will be a sought after release sooner than later!