Paris Violence / Braindance – Oi! We Will Never Be Divided Vol. 3

Oi! The Nische Records / Steeltown Records / Islika Produktions


After the previously released split EP’s in Oi! The Nische Records’ and Steeltown Records’ “Oi! We Will Never Be Divided” series – between The Gonads & Uchitel Truda (2017) and Sindicato Oi! & Bootboys (2018) – it’s now finally time for volume three! This time around the German labels matched Paris Violence (France) and Braindance (UK) together and the result is, once again, top notch!


Kicking things off with the most reviewed band on is Paris Violence, who contributed two all new tracks in the form of “Skinhead 84” and “Nos Années Vingt”. But despite that, the songs are obviously brought with that unique sound that the Parisians trademarked ever since their formation in 1994. Now you know I love it and these atmospheric tracks are no exception!


Now where Paris Violence constantly released new music since its formation, Braindance was mostly active in the 90’s – even taking a small break between 2000 and 2015! But now the lads from Norwich are back, already releasing a full-length and another split EP since their return. And to be honest – they still got it! “My Liberty” and “Chaos Girl” are excellent songs that definitely taste like more, so keep ‘em coming!


All in all a great split that is released on limited vinyl (300 copies, released by Oi! The Nische Records, Steeltown Records and Islika Produktions) and an even more limited CD* release (100 copies) just on Islika Produktions.


*The Braindance songs sound less loud/not mastered on the first run of the CD release. This has been solved and a new pressing of 100 copies has been made, most likely making the first press even rarer!