Paris Violence – L’Âge De Glace

Common People Records / Islika Produktions / KB Records / 8Up Records


After the brand new mini-LP “Quand Les Berges Se Resserrent” on Casse-Os Records (vinyl) and Islika Produktions (CD), it’s time again for another round of Paris Violence reissues! I received a handful of those reissues and obviously I will review them all, but I’ll start with the – what I reckon to be the most notable release of them all – the re-release of the band’s third album “L’Âge De Glace”!


Now there are two reasons why I think it’s the most notable reissue of the band’s current releases. 1.) The album, originally released in 2001, was never reissued before and 2.) besides a release on CD (through KB Records and Islika Produktions in Europe and coming up on 8Up Records in the USA), it’s released on beautiful, ice-cold vinyl as well – thanks to Common People Records! Available on either blue and white ‘ice effect’ vinyl (250 copies) and on light, aqua blue vinyl (another 250 copies) – these slabs of wax look just great and in combination with the brand new – though heavily inspired by the original artwork – front-cover drawn by Alexis Bert it’s a perfect match. Love it!


Another thing I undoubtedly love is the music. The album itself already includes a fair amount of fairly brilliant tracks to begin with, but now completely remastered by Nonna 84 - “L’Âge De Glace” sounds better than ever before! The strong, synthesized Oi!-wave is always a guarantee for cold and catchy melodies, while the buzz-saw riffs, roaring guitar solos and militantly programmed drums do the rest. And yes, this is how you can describe nearly all of Paris Violence’s releases but that’s the band’s style, which is still unique for over 25 years and counting now!


So even if you own an original copy, but especially if you don’t, you know you want one. Whether it be that limited French CD-edition (just 75 copies of that one), or one of those beautiful vinyl versions by Common People Records (of which I was fortunate enough to receive two copies of), this reissue is once again a must for the Paris Violence fan, old and new!