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Paris Violence – Le Vent Divin Souffle Toujours

Islika Produktions


Thirteen years after its original release, Paris Violence’s “Le Vent Divin Souffle Toujours” is finally available on vinyl – again! Because when it initially came out in 2008, it was ‘just’ a 10” with eight tracks total, where 2010’s remastered CD version contained an additional four tracks. Now all twelve tracks are available for the first time ever on one LP and it both looks and sounds great!


Completely released by the band’s own Islika Produktions, “Le Vent Divin Souffle Toujours” comes on white vinyl with some modest red splatter (or red marble) to it. Housed in a nice, white gatefold with red and black artwork, both the record and its sleeve are completely in style with the theme of this release – the history of the land of the Rising Sun – Nihon!


Now I am no historical expert on either Japan or Paris Violence’s extensive discography whatsoever, but I do know that “Le Vent Divin Souffle Toujours” contains some of my favorite tracks by the French Oi!-wave outfit! Especially the excellent opening tracks “Adieu Camarade” and “Bushidô” come out with sheer brilliance, but also the four additional tracks (mind you, I only own the original 10” of this release – not the CD) - “Rêve Impérial”, “L’Étrange Archipel”, “Ji Ba Ku” and “Forteresse” - come out strong, making me wonder how its possible that these songs completely stayed under my radar for well over a decade.


Does it matter? Well, not anymore – because I now have “Le Vent Divin Souffle Toujours” in all its glory and how it was supposed to be released and I love it! 200 copies total!

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