Pleasure Trap – Walls

Oldschool Records

Two years after the band’s full-length debut “All-Nighter” for Oldschool Records (CD/LP) and Contra Recods (LP), the boys from Warsaw – Pleasure Trap – are back with an all new album! Entitled “Walls”, the boys’ latest effort is only available on CD for now – once again through Oldschool Records, but I wouldn’t be surprised when a vinyl version pops up sooner than later!

Because these lads know catchy and they deliver it with style! The soul-ish mod influences are pushed to the background, making “Walls” flourish in powerpop fueled punk rock – instantly putting this album in favor of all of Pleasure Trap’s previous releases (the “Hell Called Earth” promo EP, the aformentioned album and a variety of digital EP’s)! Full of killer melodies and catchy hooks, the Polish casuals deliver one massive tune after another – making you listen to this record over and over again!

Combining relatively short earwurms with anthems that either clock right around, or even far above the four-minute like “Walls”, “Pleasure Trap” and the brilliant track “Red Rose”, these guys know how to keep your attention. Fair to say that those songs, but especially the latter, are my favorites of the album, along with the – surprise – ska’d up track “Bombs”, who would have thought? Topped off with Eryk’s (also known for his work with Lazy Class) vocals, you are in for an absolute treat if you like previous Pleasure Trap and Lazy Class releases, or catchy noise in general!

As said, for now “Walls” is only available on CD and comes in a nice, six-panel digipak that looks simple but contains all lyrics – so its layout is effective nonetheless. Now I can’t imagine this won’t be released on vinyl, but then again – that is only an assumption, so just pick up this CD just in case it will never see the light of day on a slab of wax!