Posso Kongro – 063-019

Noise Of Sweden


Formed at the end of 2014, it took Posso Kongro until 2016 to debut with a self-released, self-titled CD EP that, in all honesty, completely passed me by. Unfortunately, because if it was anywhere near as good as their recently released, first ever 7” EP, “063-019” for Noise Of Sweden”, I could have enjoyed the sound of these Swedes for well over a year already!


With that being said, it’s almost needless to say that Posso Kongro’s vinyl debut is a killer slab of wax. But I’m going to say it anyway, Posso Kongro’s vinyl debut is a killer slab of wax! The Cock Sparrer rip-off sleeve might suggest a different sound, but in reality you get that excellent, typical Swedish sound you already loved from bands like Agent Bulldog, Sabotage, or more recently Grebol.


Fully sung in their native tongue, the four tracks of “063-019” are brought with a whole lot of power. Raw vocals, a mean sound, massive sing-alongs, glorious guitar melodies reminding me of Unit Lost – Posso Kongro delivers the whole package. But in all honesty, do we expect anything less from a Swedish band? The Vikings are always on the top of their game, so quality is what you can expect and the boys from Örebro definitely provide!


But beware, this release is strictly limited to just 150 copies, minus my review copy… so if you like the sounds from the North, you should get a hold of your copy today!