Pressure Pact - Scared Off The Streets

Wolves Of Hades / Humanimaal


Fans of Negative FX, Boston Strangler, Prisoner Abuse, Waste Management... take note, because there is a new player in town and it goes by the name of Pressure Pact! No, they’re not from Boston or Massachusetts, hell - they’re not even from the USA, yet they’re ready to take over the world (of hardcore anyway) with their full-length debut “Scared Off The Streets” for Wolves Of Hades (LP) and Humanimaal (cassette)!


Formed in 2016, Pressure Pact hails from The Netherlands and already had the “Tucked In” demo and a self-titled mini LP under its belt, before it released its latest demo in the summer of 2018. Reviewed on this page, that four-track cassette gave an idea of what these maniacs were up to, be it in a very noisy, lo-fi manner! Now these four songs - “Waste Of Boredom”, “Gestapo”, “No Hope” and “Scared Off The Streets” - have returned in its full, well-produced, mixed and mastered, glory for this LP - sounding better and even more barbaric than ever before!


In little over twenty minutes, these lads are out for total mayhem and destruction, cranking out one insane stomper after another! Pure savagery from start to finish, “Scared Off The Streets” holds a total of thirteen vile, no holds barred tracks. Aside the aforementioned songs, “Weight”, “Stark Raving Mad”, “Death For Glory”, “Stub It Out”, “Small Talk” and “Mob Stalking” bounce off the wall as well - easily making this my favorite hardcore LP of 2019! Fuck...


If you like your noise loud, fast and crude - then Pressure Pact’s “Scared Off the Streets” is definitely the fix you need! Pure aggro through and through, the album is available on cassette through Humanimaal and through Wolves Of Hades on black and limited edition gold/blood red marbled vinyl, while the latter also includes a Japanese OBI wrapped around its sleeve - extremely recommended!