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First interview of the new, Berlin hardcore-punk outfit Pressure Seeker! The interview originally appeared in Go! issue #5 in German, but was done by me, so we also received a translation of it for this website. Check it out!


Thanks for doing this interview! Since you guys are still a relatively new band, please introduce yourselves! Name, past bands, hobbies, favorite wild animal, etc...

Matze: Vocals, before Pressure Seeker, I sang in Ugly Teens, even bevor I fronted So Fucking What?! And some one-evening-only projects. Penguin!

Sonic: Bass. I also play in "Waste of Ammo" with Manni. I would like to meet a racoon in real life and at the moment I’m reading a book about ravens and crows.

Tom-Boy: Guitar, playing in various Punk/HC/Garage-Post-Punk-bands and some acoustic projects since 28 years. I made one record with HÄNDE WEG JOHNNY, one tape with A IM KREIS and one with RUMBLE RUBBISH. There are also some lost tapes somewhere. Everything started with Psychobilly in 1989. Soft-toy-cancer!

Manuel "Manni": Drums, I played drums in Hang Them High (Berlin Street Punk) and still do with "Waste of Ammo". When I have the time, I like to make 250 kilometer bike tours. And I love monkeys.


How did you guys got together, over a few beers in front of the Core Tex shop?

Matze: Sonic was at my place and we both said „I’d like to play in a band again!“ Some months later we practiced for the very first time. Back then we tried it with another guitar player (Daniel) Manni was already in as he was and is in “Waste of Ammo” together with Sonic. Soon it came clear that we need another guy for the guitar and after posting a “WANTED!” on facebook, Tom messaged me and here we go. With this line up, we rehearse since June 2016.

Sonic: What Matze said.

Tom: Longing for Punkrock!


Pressure Seeker is about to drop its first demo "WAR" on Tape Or Die, the #1 cassette-label from Berlin! "WAR" sounds kind of dangerous though, why the hostility?

Matze: First of all: WAR matches with „Angry Punk“. The track “WAR” was our favorite track when we recorded the demo – music and lyrics. Sonic instantly had an idea for the cover artwork…well that’s the story behind the name. Maybe you can say it’s a declaration of war against poppy punk with nothing to say.

Sonic: I really like that you can interpret so much with that title. On the other side: What Matze said. It’s an interesting topic.

Manni: What can I say? What Matze said – as usual he’s the first.

Tom: Fight War Not Wars, if you remember!


It was recorded under pretty grim circumstances, in a cold and dark practice space. Why did you decide not to record it in a warm studio with a friendly face behind the mixer?

Matze: To be honest: We’re not ready for a big (or small) studio. Friends kept asking if they already can listen to some songs. Instead of paying much money for a studio and not being satisfied with the result afterwards, we just recorded it on our won. And hey, it’s a DEMO!  I don’t understand bands which pay a lot of money for their first demo. Another reason: I had to be done quick as we wanted it to be ready for the TapeOrDie-BirthdayBash!

Tom: Punk is not comfortable and friendly!

Manni: Raw and angry is perfect! Why should we soften it?


What can people expect from the tape? What would you say that influenced the band both musically and lyrically?

Matze: Lyrics handle with stuff which makes me angry like gentrification or the superficial so called „scene“. Other resources are topics which I’m interested in. WAR is about the euphoria in Europe at the dawn of the First World War. A new song (Fog of death) is about the smog catastrophe in London 1952. 12.000 people died because of air pollution but it’s kind of unknown here.


Speaking of the music, a look at the covers might give you an idea. On the WAR-Side (A) you have Negative Approach and Black Flag, on the RAW-Side (B) you have Agnostic Front, Minor Threat and Misfits. Stir it up with some Discharge and you have the basics.


By the way - the RAW-side is filled with recorded stuff from our rehearsal room. But I think it’s only fun if you understand German.


Manni: A crispy mix of Minor Threat, cuddling with Cro-Mags and getting a lovely slap in the face by Wolfbrigade.

Sonic: About the lyrics: what Matze said. Most of the music is made by Tom – he leads, we follow. Cause he’s the best! I’d like to have my bass sounding like Harley Flanagan or Lemmy but … it always sounds like me.

Tom: You should know that all the music is created with a acoustic guitar on my couch. Biggest influences are Faith, Hope, and Charity plus Power. Other influences are: MINOR THREAT, ANGESCHISSEN, TURBONEGRO, CONFLICT, ANTI-CIMEX, KAAOS, JOY DIVISION and DEPECHE MODE, also: DAVID BOWIE, AMY WINEHOUSE, JOHNNY CASH and WOODY GUTHRIE! In my mind!


You recently did a show with The Detained, Grade 2 and Infa Riot. How did all the angry skinheads respond to your angry hardcore-punk?

Sonic: I guess you should ask the Angry Skinheads!

Matze: I’d like to quote Sid of Grade 2: „I didn’t expect that you are SO fast.“ Long story short, I think the people liked us. A bit.

Manni: Straight in their face!

Tom: As I’m neither punk nor skinhead, but a human, all I can say is “good”.


What will the future bring for you guys?

Matze: We’d like to play more shows and write more songs. And I hope we will enter a proper studio this year.

Tom: Carry on!!

Manni: Less work, more making music with the guys.

Sonic: I hope the future will bring us only good stuff! Personally I’d like to play with the band at different places and have a great time. Well, actually that’s what we’re doing already. We won’t get rich and famous with this, but if people like our stuff, it’s great!


Alright, that's it! If there is anything you would like to add, feel free to do so!

Tom: Nevertheless if Punk as a youth movement is irrelevant or out of time, my heart is still beating for it. And I’m very happy to be back with my guitar with those guys. No rules but tolerance, coffee and keeping it fresh.

Sonic: Sorry, but I thought about the question above again. We would like to get rich and famous. Just like The Detained already are!

Manni: Can somebody please take us on tour?!??

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