Puissance Cube - La Malédiction Des Météores

Juvenile Delinquent Records


One of the catchiest, most energetic albums that crawled into my Spotify playlist this year is undoubtedly Puissance Cube’s “La Malédiction Des Météores”! Released in May of 2018 through Juvenile Delinquent Records, my review on this 12” is slightly late - to say the least. But I couldn’t resist when label owner Juvenile Raph - who also happens to be the drummer of the band, though under the moniker R. Puissance - asked me to do a write up anyway. So here I am, writing shit up, while listening to “La Malédiction Des Météores” for the hundredth time again!


Okay okay, I might be exaggerating, but it’s close to it anyway and guess what - this record still doesn’t bore a single bit! Puissance Cube is French, so naturally they’re good, but the driving force behind all catchiness is most certainly Manue, aka M. Puissance. Not only does she have a killer voice, M and her keytar(!) are also responsible for nearly - if not all of those superb melodies on “La Malédiction Des Météores”! Melodies that, once they enter the sound waves, get permanently planted into your brain - only to never leave it again. In 50 years you won’t even remember your own frigging date of birth, but you’ll easily whistle or hum those melodic lines of “Robotomie”, “Puissance Cube”, “Triangulation” or “Galaxie” - mark my words.


Whether you want to label Puissance Cube as punk, pop punk or power pop, the band - which further consists out of members from other French outfits such as Teenage Hearts and Bleakness - rips from start to finish! Not just their seven own compositions are a pleasure to the ears, the two covers “Chuter Dans L’amour” (“Falling In Love” of NoFX) and “Lafay8-Bit” (“Lafayette” of Lion’s Law) are fantastic as well. Especially the latter is fairly brilliant and a track I can easily listen to ten... or twenty times in a row, just like the original by Wattie and company - ‘Lafayette’!!


Though the album’s sound - and probably lyrics, sorry I barely speak French - is often melancholic, “La Malédiction Des Météores” is still a fun, exciting LP to listen to. Topped off with sublime artwork, Puissance Cube is definitely something else in my collection, but 100% worth picking up if you like your punk French and energized by a synthesizer. Therefor I don’t really understand why I didn’t pick this record up sooner myself, but I am grateful Raph sent me a copy after all. Up for something different? Then definitely try this LP!