Rata Negra – Oído Absoluto

La Vida Es Un Mus / Beat Generation


Rata Negra operates out of Madrid, Spain, consists out of members of Juanita Y Los Feos and La URSS, and released their debut EP “Corasones” back in 2014 already. Unfortunately I missed out on that little slab of wax and to be honest, I can’t remember what triggered me to check their full-length debut “Oído Absoluto” out in the first place. But fuck... I’m glad I did!


To put it simply, the female-fronted punk rock by Rata Negra kicks some major ass! The amount of energy that is cranking out of my speakers from the moment the needle drops onto the vinyl is tremendous and remains tremendous for the whole 24, or 25 minutes that the album lasts! The speed, the melodies, the song-structure, the catchiness, the powerful vocals (all in Spanish) – it all blows me away, making it easy for me to state that “Oído Absoluto” will definitely be one of my favorite punk albums of 2017... hell, probably one of my favorite albums of 2017 in general!


Songs like “Ratas”, “Gente”, “Déjalo Ir”, “Aguas Negras”, “Por No Estar Sola”, “Dientes Sobre Metal”... I can basically name the whole track-list, are an absolute must-hear for fans of Masshysteri / The Vicious, Generacion Suicida, Gorilla Angreb, No Hope For The Kids and so on. Punk rock with a gloomy edge that is brought with so much fire and passion that you want to keep listening to it over and over again! Brilliant!