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Red Alert / Rough Cuts – Split EP

Cursed Blessings Records


Cursed Blessings Records from Toronto, Canada was only established well over a year ago, but the label has been busy ever since! And with plenty of more to come, Cursed Blessings already released over half a dozen of vinyl releases, including this split EP between the legendary Red Alert and local powerhouse Rough Cuts!


First up on the ‘Aye Side’ is Sunderland’s own Red Alert with two tracks. Now I wish I could say they were new tracks, but I can’t... Because both “Too Many Goodbyes” and “Wounds That Never Heal” were previously released on 2020’s split 10” with 1984 (or Nineteen Eighty Four) for Dirty Punk Records, so if you already have that record you can skip these tracks and flip right over to the ‘Eh Side’. But if you don’t you get two crackin’ tunes nonetheless.


With that being said it is Rough Cuts’ side that is more interesting to me. I’ve been a fan of these Canadians ever since I first heard the band’s demo for HoM Records and they always deliver! Also the two boisterous powerhouses on this split EP – namely “Rough Cuts” and “Knockout Saturday” - are packed with a punch and burst right out of your speakers and definitely taste like more!


Still a weird little 7” though, I mean – it’s not like Dirty Punk Records’ split 10” was super limited, or that it was forbidden to sell it out of Germany or even Europe. But okay, importing records can be expensive, Rough Cuts do bring new noise and all proceeds go to the benefit of UDR Canada Rescue, so it’s all good!

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