Rival Leaders – Hertug I Helvede



Straight out of Copenhagen, Denmark come the Rival Leaders – a relatively new band (active since 2018) who just released their debut EP “Hertug I Helvede” on seven inches of wax! Completely released on their own (something that will undoubtedly change some time soon), the band made sure their first release is a massive one in every way possible, making it an easy pick-up for those into Scandinavian Oi!-punk!


Because not only does Rival Leaders’ debut sound scorching, it looks fantastic as well! Strictly limited to 150 copies total (all on black vinyl), the 7” itself is housed in an over-sized sleeve (I guess somewhere between eight and nine inches) featuring a unique, hand-carved linocut and completely hand printed with either black, blue or red ink. Each color is limited to 50 sleeves each, so on top of it all it’s a collectible record from the get-go as well!


But obviously a collectible, eye-catching record means nothing when the music is shit. Fortunately Rival Leaders’ noise isn’t shit – far from it actually! The beat is a bit monotone – though strong nonetheless, but overall “Hertug I Helvede” is a powerful, hard-hitting record with killer hooks and massive chants – just the way I like it! Featuring two tracks in Danish (title-track “Hertug I Helvede” and “Bomberegn”) and one in English (“Under The Influences”) the Copenhagen lads come out swingin’ with a killer debut EP I just can keep listening to over and over again.


So don’t hesitate and pick up this record now! At the moment I write this (11th of May) all variations are still available, but I can’t imagine they’ll last long! Solid from start to finish!