Rogue Trooper - Demo


I never heard of Hadley, Massachusetts’ four-men squad Rogue Trooper before, until yesterday when front man Cole asked me to check out their demo. Now I get these requests quite often, but I’m glad I headed over to the band’s Bandcamp page, because I haven’t been listening to anything but these roguish troopers ever since!

Sounds pretty promising right? Damn straight it does! I know I tend to get excited, maybe a little over-excited once in a while, when it comes down to new music, but most of the time I believe I’m right. Just like I believe I have every right to be excited over these guys! Because Rogue Trooper’s first, five-track, effort simply sounds banging and shows off a lot of promise for the future to come!

With a sound that reminds me of a mix between The Rogues (coincidence?), Forced Reality and Hammer And The Nails, covered in a hardcore-punk rage influenced by Negative Approach, Rogue Trooper delivers a smashing crossover of 80’s inspired fury and a present day approach on how to mix styles, much alike the recent wave of French bands, such as Syndrome 81, Traitre, Outreau and Coupe Gorge, gained fame over!

These five tracks pretty much have it all. It’s raw, yet very melodic. It has mid-paced Oi! scorchers such as “Loose Grip”, “Army Of One” and “Public Servant”, a song that makes you go mental like “Don’t Wanna Get Stabbed” and finally the band’s anthem, “Rogue Trooper”, that combines the best of both worlds with a furious verse and a massive sing-along galore when the chorus breaks down! Superb! Excited yet?

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