Royal Oi! - Bootboys And Hooligans

Crowd Control Media / Rebel Sound / Last Punkrockers Records


More bovver from the United Kingdom! This time around the ruckus comes from Glasgow, Scotland as Royal Oi! are about to unleash their debut album “Bootboys And Hooligans” for Crowd Control Media! In collaboration with Last Punkrockers Records and Rebel Sound, the three labels present the first full-length by these Scottish punks and skins roughly a year after the band’s demo hit the world wide web.


With “Bootboys And Hooligans” Royal Oi! is right in the middle of the newest wave of British close shave that impresses so much. Yes, songs like “Bootboys And Hooligans”, “Skinhead Warrior”, “Docs And Tattoos”, “Survive”, “Skinhead Loyalty”, “Violence” etc… give you all the punk, skinhead and hooligan clichés there are in the book (there I said it). But when the music is good and those clichés are packed in ridiculously catchy sing-alongs all I can do is sit back and enjoy while I write this up!


So yes, “Bootboys And Hooligans” solidly impresses based on its glorious and riotous anthems, songs that are bound to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But Royal Oi! has another trick up its sleeve and that is the use of both male and female dual-vocals between guitarists Davie and Ana. Besides the fact that this gives the band’s music an extra kick, its songs will attract fans that range from bands as Perkele to Vice Squad due to this killer combination!


So if you like your Oi! and punk music British, with a raw edge, extremely catchy, both male and female vocals and you don’t mind a bonus track or two (that are taken from the band’s 2014 demo) you most likely want to pick Royal Oi!’s “Bootboys And Hooligans” up!