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Royal Oi! – There’s Gonna Be A Row

Randale Records


Two years after the band’s full-length debut “Bootboys And Hooligans”, Glasgow’s troublemakers Royal Oi! are back with ten new tracks for Randale Records! Entitled “There’s Gonna Be A Row”, you know the lads and lass are back for another round of savagery around town. So grab a pint or two, dress for battle and get ready for some more of that hooligan rock ‘n’ roll out of Scotland!


The combination of the male/female dual vocals between Ana and Davie and the rough, raucous sound of the band’s debut “Bootboys And Hooligans” really spoke to me. Needless to say, but I couldn’t wait to tear “There’s Gonna Be A Row” out of its seal once it arrived and give it a spin... or ten! Stronger than ever before, the sound of the first album is refined, making “There’s Gonna Be A Row” an absolute scorcher!


At least, if you like it raw, rowdy and you don’t mind the usual, lyrical clichés of football violence and the skinhead way of life. Now do you? I bet you don’t. Especially if it’s brought with sheer power, mayhem and authenticity, exactly what you will find on “There’s Gonna Be A Row”! Rough Oi!, boisterous sing-alongs, vicious stompers – Royal Oi! delivers it all, making this album an absolute must-hear for fans of other gritty, British bands like B Squadron, Top Dog and Brassknuckle!


Along with the music, the casual artwork of Royal Oi!’s sophomore album looks great as well – completing the total to a killer package! Check these guys out!

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