Rust - Skins And Punks

Longshot Music/Randale Records


Rust must be Australia’s most hard working Oi!/Punk band. This Sydney band, with Bevynn of ao The Corps and Black Ball on guitar, is around for more than 10 years and played their Aussie Punk n Roll all over the world.


Those who checked out Rust before, know these guys make a unique mixture of punk, oi! and aussie rock n roll. This results in 4 song that all have the Rust sound, but all have a different mixture of the styles. For example, the title song “Skins and Punks”  is way more punkier than “Blood Knuckle Blues” while “Fire Storm” kicks off with a double bass that speeds up the song from the first second.


All with all a record that I would recommend to give it a try. I’m pretty sure it’s not one of those that everyone will like, but it’s definitely not a bad record and these guys deserve it to get a chance.


Review by: Noot