Sabotage / No Heart – Split LP

Rebellion Records / Bords De Seine


Two bands that are sitting anything but still are without a doubt Sabotage and No Heart. Both kick out one release after another and all of them are of top quality! Therefor it didn’t surprise me both bands found each other for a split release, simply because none of the other bands can keep up the pace of these two!


First up are one of Sweden’s finest – Sabotage. Ever since their formation they have released either a 7”, 10” or 12” a year and now, for the fifth year in a row, they’ve come up with four brand new anthems for this split LP. Taking up the bigger portion of the total playtime of this LP, the lads from Stockholm deliver long, well-structured tracks that despite their length won’t bore you for a single second! The clean guitars and vocals in combination with the superb melodies, make you want to listen to “På Vag”, “Vända Kappan”, “Avbön” and “Dom Som Kommer” over and over again! Love it.


On the flipside you’ll find the Canadians of No Heart. Originally formed as a three-piece, the Vic City Skins now have Mike Longshot in its ranks and as a quartet the band is sounding stronger than ever before! Cracking out one aggressive scorcher after another – thanks to Mike’s bouldering vocals and drummer Will that is trying to smash his kit into a thousand pieces, or so it sounds – these lads are out for blood with “Youth Tribes”, “Where Did You Go”, “Another Day”, “Fine By Me” and the Another Man’s Poison cover “Man E’nuff”! Brutal, hard-hitting anthems with killer melodies from front to back I just can’t get enough from!


Co-released by Rebellion Records and Bords De Seine this split, both bands definitely delivered their A game to this releases, making this LP fairly brilliant from start to finish! A must-have, soon available on black (200 copies) –and silver (300 copies) vinyl!