Savage Beat – New World

Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl

Exactly two years it has been since the band’s last record – the fairly brilliant “Wired” LP – was released and boy, did this world changed ever since! But fortunately enough there still are some things that will never change - not even in the “New World” - like the killer beats and savage guitars of Amsterdam’s finest... Savage Beat!

Cracking out four new tunes and a re-recorded version of the previously released track “Trapped” (which originally appeared on the limited “Savage Death” split EP with Death Ridge Boys), the Dutch do what they do best – playing loud and raucous streetrock ‘n’ roll! As a matter of fact – though in reality my personal opinion of course, they never done it any better than on this slab of wax before, easily - and in all honesty quite early - gaining a top position on my list of favorites from 2021! Some things will never change indeed!

Now where the music is raw, raucous and dirty – yet ex-tre-me-ly catchy – no expenses were spared to make this release look absolutely stunning! Besides the top quality used for the sleeve, the records itself looks mental with a killer screenprint on the B-side! All copies – a total of 600 – were pressed on black vinyl, but come with either a red (150 copies), silver (150 copies) or red (300 copies) screenprint, automatically placing all five songs – “New World”, “League Of Fools”, “Killing Time”, “Trapped” and “All Bars In Town” - on the A-side.

Therefor the “New World” 12” is a release you undoubtedly want to add to your collection for the musical aspect, but it most definitely is something for the eye as well! Savage Beat’s sound is more refined than on their previous releases, but also – or maybe because of it – rocks harder than ever before! An absolute must!