Scandal - Back In Town

PSP Records (self-released)


Originally from Romania, Scandal formed back in 1998 already. Despite their 'age' there is a good chance you never heard of them before, mainly due to the poor distribution of their previous efforts "Live In Beci" (2001) and "Resturi Din Punkomat" (2003). But now, after a hiatus of six years, Scandal is "Back In Town"… London town that is! 


That's right, the band reformed in the United Kingdom and with a change in country, there's also a change in language. Because unlike Scandal's previously released, Romanian CD's, the five tracks on "Back In Town" are completely in English. Though that typical, Eastern European, accent is still noticeable in Gabi's vocals.


Musically, Scandal has a streetpunk sound similar to bands like Lazy Class, Seaside Rebels, Barstool Preachers and Control. Though not as tight, nor well-produced, as their colleagues, these Romanian-Londoners do know how to kick out some catchy tunes! The melodies of songs such as "Hometown", "It's Just Punk Rock" and "Need To Learn" have the ability to stick, sounding promising for the future to come.


Therefor I am curious what that same future will bring to Scandal. "Back In Town" is still rough around the edges, and the Eastern European accent is not something everyone will enjoy (though personally I am not bothered by it), but the band definitely displays some potential on this self-released mini-CD!