Scorbut / V8Wankers - Split

Street Justice Records


After last year’s - might I add extremely limited - single sided, 12” split single between 7er Jungs and Vortex, Street Justice Records’ latest split consists, once again, out of two German bands! Not as limited as the aforementioned release, but with Scorbut, V8Wankers and a little help from their friends, a killer release nonetheless!


First up is Scorbut from Berlin. Despite being active since the early days of this millennium, I can’t say I am too familiar with the East-Germans, but after hearing their portion of this split CD I am instantly hooked! Obviously the eye (or is it ear?)-catchers are the tracks “Ihr Habt Die Macht” and “You Got The Might”, both featuring Roger Miret of Agnostic Front fame. Musically both songs are the same, but where the first is still partly in German, the latter is completely sung in English by the Godfather of hardcore himself. But ironically the third and final track, “So Ist Mein Leben”, is my favorite. With it’s hard, rocking riffs and massive chorus it often reminds me of the Böhse Onkelz - which is obviously a big plus in my book!


Up next is a band that everyone (and their mother) knows - the V8Wankers! Undoubtedly one of Germany’s hardest and loudest speedrock ‘n’ roll bands still active, these grease monkeys already have a tremendous amount of releases under their belt! Split EP’s with The Turbo A.C.’s and Reno Divorce were only released weeks prior to this CD, just to show how active this band still is after nearly 20 years! Now alike Scrobut’s first two tracks, V8Wankers’ “Das Ist Mein Land” and “Racing The Ghost” are musically the same, but both lyrically and vocally they are completely different!


Completely sung by Markus of the mighty 7er Jungs, “Das Ist Mein Land” might just be V8Wankers first ever track completely in German. But fronted by Markus, this track sounds like a scorching, mid-tempo skinhead anthem - while “Racing The Ghost” sounds like a slow, sleazy rocker... though the music of both tracks is the exact same! It just shows the power of vocals and how you fill them in - very cool! Unfortunately it takes my attention away from the third and final, fast-paced rocker “You Can’t Sink The Bubble” - simply because I want to keep listening to “Das Ist Mein Land” and “Racing The Ghost” over and over again! Nonetheless it is a great song though, so nevermind me...


500 copies pressed on CD, and packed in a slim digifile case - but hopefully on vinyl someday soon as well!