Seaside Rebels / Wolf Bites Boy – Great Minds... ...Think Alike

Randale Records


While their previous release, a split 7” with Legion 76, is only out for about a month or three, Seaside Rebels are dropping yet another release on us already. This time they teamed up with Wolf Bites Boy, both releasing two new songs on this release of Randale Records.


Seaside Rebels kicks off with “Long Way ‘Till Morning”, which is one of the best song I heard from them this far. Good bass lines, the guitar is pulling some extra lines in the start and the end of the song. Like it! “Nothing About Me” is a bit more melodic and easier than the first song. With songs like these, I hope they gimme another split in a few months again.


On the other side of this piece of wax are 2 songs from UK’s Wolf Bites Boy. I must be honest and say I never heard of them before. “Having A Riot” is the first song of ‘em , a punkrock song which makes me think of Rancid some way. The song sounds good, however, I’m not a fan of the singer’s voice when he’s singing the high notes. I enjoyed “The Way We Were” more, it’s the kinda song you singalong with when you heard it a few times and had a few beers.


For me, the Seaside Rebels song are my favorite on this records, but check it out and decide for yourself!


Review by: Noot