SECTA / Dead Hero - Split 12"

Rat Trap Records / Discos MMM


You know those records you ‘accidently’ stumble into and you just can’t stop listening to? This split 12”, between Colombian outfits Secta and Dead Hero, is one of those records! With the exception of other releases I had to review, I hardly have been listening to anything else but this mini-LP the past week! Simply because it is that good!

First up is SECTA. Formerly known as Secta Suicida, this five piece outfit from Bogota delivers some outstanding hardcore influenced Spanish punk! What sets them apart from other bands is the use of dark, post-punkish riffs and melodies throughout their four songs. Giving their sound a real gloom and apocalyptic vibe, these guys sound like a frantic mix between Discharge, TSOL, No Hope For The Kids and Warsaw, resulting into killer tracks such as “Nuevo Orden” and “Extincion”!


On the flipside you’ll find Dead Hero, a female fronted four piece that, with the exception of vocalist Paula, consists of three SECTA band members. Although the musical influences of Dead Hero differ, Daniel Puentes rips out some amazing melodies on his guitar, much alike The Crack or Vanilla Muffins. But without losing its rawness, the excellent female vocals and an overall fast-pace, the superb Oi!-punk of Dead Hero can easily be compared to Criminal Damage or Syndrome 81! Excellent!


A stunning album from Colombia’s underground that can easily become one of my favorite mini-albums of 2015! For now I only have the digital release, but a hardcopy is on its way and I... can’t... fuckin’... wait!!