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Shameless – Weekend Wicked Boys

Bords De Seine / Subcultural Records


The wicked, mom-shagging boys finally returned! Don’t these French have any shame? Of course not, they’re Lyon’s finest – they’re the Shameless! Back with three brand new anthems, the band just released their latest slab of wax – “Weekend Wicked Boys” – for Bords De Seine and Subcultural Records and it contains some wicked tunes indeed!


But don’t all their releases consist out of wicked tunes? They do. These guys haven’t put out a bad song ever since they debuted with the full-length “Guilty” in 2013 and the three new ones on this 7” are no exception! I absolutely love the Shameless’ music and it’s safe to say that they deliver their best work to date with this new EP. With a hard, boot-stomping beat, raw vocals and massive chants and sing-alongs, Shameless drops that tough, Rock ‘n’ Oi! sound with a vengeance for yet another killer release!


“Wicked Boys”, “Hipster” and the French “Rien N’a Changé” they all taste like more, much more actually! And with all three songs recorded in 2016 already I hope more will come sooner than later, because these lads are definitely on top of the shelf when it comes down to breaking out that rowdy, tough as nails skinhead sound! Shamelessly good!

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