ShotCallers - Tales Of Urban Tribes

Sabotage Musique


ShotCallers hail from Montreal, Canada and after their demo (2012) it’s time for the real work as the band just released their debut album “Tales Of Urban Tribes” through Sabotage Musique on digital format and CD(-R), that is limited to 200 copies.


Musically the ShotCallers show a lot of resemblances with fellow countrymen like Bourbon DK, Out Of Order, Scab Coma and Buddha Bulldozer. Raw, rock ‘n’ roll influenced, thug rock with a mix of lyrics in English, French and... Spanish? Now I can’t remember the last time I heard a Canadian (Oi!) band sing in this language, most likely never, so with “Luchas” the ShotCallers definitely score a point for originality and on top of that it’s a great track as well!


Something that can be said about most of the album, because songs like “Yermad” the 8◦6 Crew cover “Émeute”, “When It All Started”, the title track “Tales Of Urban Tribes”, “Sans Futur”, “Retaliate”, the Judas Priest cover “Breaking The Law” and “ShotCallers” are all pretty solid. Unfortunately the album kind of has a false start with the tracks “No Need To Say More” and “Born To Lose” that made it a little rough for me to get into this band in the beginning, but luckily enough the majority of the album makes this up in the end.


ShotCallers’ debut album is still a little rough around the edges, but this also gives them a raw, authentic sound. Although it also feels like an upgraded demo, especially since it’s released on CD-R and the sleeve / booklet looks self-made (though it’s nice, but simple). This gives some mixed feelings in the end, though I am convinced those eight tracks would sound banging on a (professionally pressed) 10” record!