Sickboy – We Will Fight Until We Die

Bad Look Records


Featuring members of Polish Oi! bands such as Rewizja and Odsiecz comes Sickboy, a brand new outfit who just released their debut full-length “We Will Fight Until We Die” for Bad Look Records!


Now I didn’t really know what to expect from these East-Europeans, but straight from the start Sickboy grabbed me by the throat! The artwork in the digipak states ‘hardcore punk family’ and sure, you instantly hear a bit of those hardcore influences back in the band’s sound, but opener “A Ty Nie” is a thunderous, hard-hitting streetpunk anthem! With its fast-paced verses and its boisterous, mid-tempo chorus you are good for some sing-along galore straight from the get go – I like it!


It also immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album, which consists out of ten own compositions and a pair of covers, “Show Me The Way” by Polish hardcore formation Fightback BRH and “Going Down The Bar” by the mighty The Wretched Ones. Never losing intensity, Sickboy delivers some great riffs and heavy solos on Oi!-punk powerhouses such as “Oldschool Bejbe”, “Tandeta”, title-track “We Will Fight Until We Die”, “Zaloga” and “Forever Young”.


Bringing a mix of both English songs and tracks in their native tongue to the table is a smart move if you ask me and there seems to be an idea behind it – though its possibly just a coincidence that every third track on “We Will Fight Until We Die” is in English… Anyway, fans of The Analogs or High Society should take note, as there is a high possibility that you will like Sickboy as well! There should be more…