S.I.G. – Take What You Get

SBÄM Records


Mainly because it took them nearly four years to come up with their first, physical release – Austrian outfit S.I.G. can still be classified as a relatively new band. Established in 2016, the first sign of life came in 2018 with a digital, three-track demo available on Bandcamp – but now the jungs released their debut album “Take What You Get”on both CD and LP through SBÄM Records – so time for a quick review!


Released on yellow colored vinyl (300 copies) – and as mentioned above on CD – “Take What You Get” contains a dozen of tracks that balance on the line of streetpunk and punk rock, but all sounding extremely catchy either way! Cranking out one melodic tune after another, S.I.G. delivers tracks in either English (“Back To Hell”, “Take What You Get”, “Cause Of You”), German (“Neue Generation”, “Bester Freund”, “Es Ist Genug”) or a combination of both (“Another Life”)!


As always I prefer the tracks in the band’s native tongue – especially when that native tongue is German, though my favorite song is undoubtedly “Another Life” with its German verses and English chorus – earwurm material indeed! But no matter what language you prefer, “Take What You Get” is an album fans of other German (speaking) punk bands such as Cheap Stuff, Dealer’s Choice, Strongbow, High Society and in a lesser extend the Broilers easily can get into as well.


So if you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned bands, give S.I.G.’s debut LP a go! Sure, it won’t be my favorite album of 2020, but “Take What You Get” is a fun record nonetheless!