Silex – Sharp As A Rock

HoM Records


As you could have already read in an interview I did with label-honcho Bob, LSC Records – who released some crackin’ tapes by Ultra Razzia, King Cans, Force Majeure, Béton Armé and many more – was recently renamed to HoM Records. Besides that not much has changed though. Bob still puts out cassettes in a rapid pace and they’re still crackin’ releases! First up under HoM Records’ banner is the debut by Silex, “Sharp As A Rock”!


Unfortunately I don’t have much info of this band yet. This, assumedly Canadian, four-piece doesn’t have their own Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram or whatever kind of (social-)media, just this tape and the four songs that are on it. I wish I had more information though, because I like what I hear on “Sharp As A Rock”!


With most of the lyrics in French, Silex fits in perfectly in the summary of bands I provided earlier. The music is loud, but indeed sharp as a rock, with primitive stompers like “Silex” and “Agace”, and vile, more skinhead rock ‘n’ roll influenced, with tracks like “Weekend Warriors” and “Pure Hate”. Topped off with the mean, strong vocals of front man BB Punk and the raw (yet good) production you might just get some flashbacks to French Oi! of the 80’s – something we obviously all love!


A solid first demo, cassette-EP, release or whatever you want to call it by both Silex and HoM Records! Limited to just 50 copies though, so you know what to do...