Sindicato Oi! - Batalha Constante

The Firm Records / Skin Collector / Spirit Of St. George / Rotten Records


Straight after my recent review on Sindicato Oi!’s split EP with Bootboys (released last year - 2018 - through Oi! The Nische and Steeltown Records) I received a message if I wanted to review the band’s latest release “Batalha Constante”. Just released through The Firm Records, Skin Collector, Spirit Of St. George and Rotten Records, I obviously didn’t hesitate to say yes. Only a few days later, with it being shipped out of Portugal (thank you Rattus), the album already fell on my doormat - so here we go!


With literal thunder, some imaginary lightning and an Ultima Thule-ish guitar-intro, the Brazilian powerhouse rolls into “Hy Brazil” - a hard-hitting scorcher over the current state of the land that they love. Instantly turning into one of my favorite tracks by the boys from São Paolo, this anthem is strong from the front to the end, immediately setting the tone for the rest of the songs to come!


Delivering one heavy, boisterous track after another - “Batalha Constante” is over before you know it. Not that strange, with its six tracks its only a ‘mini-album’, but it only makes you want to press repeat and put up the volume some more! Especially with tracks like the aforementioned “Hy Brazil”, title-track “Batalha Constante” and “Guerra Nas Arquibancadas” Sindicato Oi! brings you that thunderous sound with its strong rhythm section, powerful melodies and tough as nails vocals - love it!


Rounding things up with a cover of the Cockney Rejects’ classic “The Greatest Cockney Rip-Off”, the final song on “Batalha Constante” is the first and therefor only song in English. Don’t worry though, because in the four-page booklet you can find the lyrics in both Portuguese and English. For now - unfortunately - only out on CD, but if you are up for some recent South American Oi!, Sindicato Oi! has got you covered!