Skinfull - Live In NYC, The Final Invasion!

United Riot Records


Earlier this year Coventry’s (UK) finest Skinfull made their first ever live appearance on American soil at the NYC Oi! Festival. While debuting live in the United States, their New York City gig was also the band’s last ever live show before calling it a day. Of course an event like this had to be caught on tape, and the result is Skinfull’s final output, the “Live In NYC, The Final Invasion!” CD and LP!


If you count in the “Yesterday’s Glory” release (a double LP in a beautiful gatefold sleeve) from earlier this year on Vinyl Nasties Records, “Live In NYC, The Final Invasion!” is actually the second live release by the band this year. But since the “Allied Invasion” show in Hildesheim, Germany was recorded back in 2008, the set-list obviously differs, although ‘golden oldies’ like “Unity”, “Smash ‘Em To The Ground” and “Love It Or Leave It” are featured on both releases.


But besides the tracks from the band’s debut album “Drinking Class Heroes”, Skinfull also performed plenty of songs from their split album with Bakers Dozen (“Skinfull”, “Scum”) and the band’s last studio album “Good Intentions… Bad Ideas” (“Skins Don’t Run”, Bulldog Breed”, “When Will I Learn”, “Stand Proud, Stand True”), while the set ends with the cover song “Skinhead”, originally performed by the magnificent Skinflicks!


Overall “Live In NYC, The Final Invasion!” brings an excellent overview of Skinfull’s work, the sound quality is more than proper and the artwork is obviously an ode to Link Records’ “Live And Loud!!” series that was released at the end of the 80’s, giving it that classic look. Solid live album!