Smart Attitude - Ein Leben Lang b/w Trautes Heim



You know those bands that you know from name, for maybe several years already, but you never heard a single chord by them? German three-piece Smart Attitude is one of those bands in my case. Obviously this changed recently, else I wouldn’t be writing this, when their double A-sided debut EP “Ein Leben Lang” b/w “Trautes Heim” was handed over to me via via by guitarist / vocalist Ted!


As said, Smart Attitude’s debut 7” contains just two tracks and was already released in 2012, but since I received a copy I thought the polite thing to do was to write up a review of it anyway, especially since the songs “Ein Leben Lang” and “Trautes Heim” don’t hurt the ear at all!


Obviously sung in the German language, this record doesn’t sound like your typical German Oi! release if you ask me. The vocals aren’t that rough and contain, just as the band’s sound, quite some melody. With a mix of Oi! music, punk rock and maybe some small hints of power pop Smart Attitude sounds to me like a blend of Vogelfrei, The Beltones and The Headliners, three bands I love and therefor I got surprised in a positive way by this EP!


Hopefully some new material will scratch the surface soon, because these two tracks definitely taste like more! And assuming bassist Franzi can sing as well, I hope Smart Attitude will throw in some female (back-up) vocals into the mix as well!