Soldier 76 - Fighters Of The Revolution

Crowd Control Media / Last Punkrockers Records


Earlier this year Bo Baroni decided the time was right to release the long lost recordings of his band Soldier 76 as the “Survival” mini-LP. Discovering there was still an immense interest in ‘his’ band, it must have made things itch again and itches need to be scratched! So the Fresno pack got off their ass, polished their boots and are ready to power things up again, making sure Soldier 76 is still a force to be reckoned with!


In no-time the band recorded eight brand new songs (I almost had all of them in my possession, almost… damn you Sheldon!) that will be released in batches of two, four-track, EP’s that will be pre-released in 2015 (with a ridiculous limitation of 50 copies each, equally separated over America and Europe) and a regular release in 2016. The first EP, “Fighters Of The Revolution”, is still up for pre-order by the time I write this (wtf?) and is an absolute must-have if you are into the 90’s Fresno sound!


The songs “Fighters Of The Revolution”, “Power It Up”, “On The Prowl” and “Our Home” make you think time stood still for over 15 years and sound like they could have come straight of Boot Party’s “Bricks To Concrete” LP or Soldier 76’s very own “Balance Of Armour” CD, two albums I absolutely love! If you thought the “Survival” 12” brought back good memories (with the tracks actually being recorded in that era), just wait until you hear this cracking classic sounding slab-of-American Oi!-wax!


Now get it because you don’t want to wait until next year!