Sordid Ship – Vague Digitale

Primator Crew / KVLR Records / Bourre Pif Records / Lucha Libre Discos / Crapoulet Records


Before Cuir and hell, even before Coupe Gorge, front man Doug was already rocking out with a handful of other bands. One of them is Sordid Ship, a fairly brilliant band that has been riding the waves of the hardcore-punk genre with some surf-ish influences ever since 2014 and who are still on course until this very day with their brand new mini-LP “Vague Digitale”!


Now despite that this this slab of wax has just been released by Primator Crew, KVLR Records, Bourre Pif Records, Lucha Libre Discos and – deep breath – Crapoulet Records, the recordings themselves date back to 2019 already and it was already released digitally in that very same year! Now I am not sure if I totally missed it or if I didn’t gave it the attention that it – in hindsight – deserved, but “Vague Digitale” kills from start to finish!


Unlike the rawer recordings of 2018’s self-titled debut LP, “Vague Digitale” sounds crisp, clear and extremely powerful! But alike that LP, all tracks on “Vague Digitale” are – once again – completely in French. I point this out because all songs prior to 2018’s full-length were in English and let’s face it, French bands singing in their native tongue sound so much better, Sordid Ship included!


The strong production with its massive sound is spread over a total of seven tracks, namely “Toutes Voiles Dehors”, “Plage Rouge”, “Au Fond De La Cale”, “Naufragé”, “Cyclone”, “Sous Les Palmiers” and “O.D.F.” and all of them are caught on the A-side of the 12”. The B-side has been screenprinted and although my first reaction was that it was a shame that they didn’t feature any other recordings – like the seven tracks of 2016’s “Cocaine Offshore” - on the flipside I now realize it was the best decision made, simply because “Vague Digitale” is by far the best Sordid Ship has produced so far!


So if you like French vocals, gnarly hardcore-punk and surfy guitars you will love “Vague Digitale”! Funny that the first must-have of 2022 originally dates back to the 30th of September 2019, but hah – we’ve seen stranger things happen since that date! Aloha!