Sous Escorte – Passion Intacte

Primator Crew / Une Vie Pour Rien?


Sous Escorte’s self-titled debut 7” (2018, Une Vie Pour Rien?) is one of those ‘more recent’ releases ‘I still have to pick up’. And quite frankly, I don’t even know why I don’t own it yet because 1.) it’s on UVPR (and I own nearly all of the label’s releases), 2.) it’s in French – so it must be good and 3.) I loved the band’s contribution to 2019’s compilation “Oi! L’album Volume 2” - so what’s the hold up?! There really isn’t any – especially after hearing the band’s recently released debut album “Passion Intacte” on Primator Crew and UVPR!


But despite that all lyrics are sung in French and the labels responsible for this magnifique (pardon my French) release are both from France as well, the band itself isn’t. Now I thought only the Vanilla Muffins, pocket knifes and some of my favorite watches came from Switzerland, but the boys from Sous Escorte hail from Swiss (Geneva) as well – cutting you up with mechanical precision indeed!


Sound-wise Sous Escorte shares more common ground with all those newer bands from just across the border than anything – or anyone – else. No mess, no sugar – just pure impact, the Sous Escorte! - or so to say, but nonetheless this is a raucous little record (of nearly 27 minutes) from start to finish! Lyrically they’re just as passionate about football (on and off the pitch) as the best band in the world – it’s only about different sides, cities, teams and in a different language, but other than that it’s quite brilliant as well.


Because of that raw and contagious sound and the relatively short length of this full-length you just keep on flipping this record – with its killer cover artwork I might add – over and over again! If you don’t believe me, both UVPR and Primator Crew always make their releases available free to download so you can always find out yourself!