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Squelette – S/T (Démo 2017)

Combate Brutal


For some reason I was under the impression that I already owned Squelette’s demo, but when I looked it up on Discogs and tried to find it in my personal collection I returned empty handed – until now that is! Because not only do I own a copy now, I also have it on the best format possible – vinyl!


All this thanks to Combate Brutal, who turned these five year old recordings – that are fairly brilliant to begin with – into one sick release! Now this demo doesn’t just sound great, but it looks amazing as well and although I know I can expect this from the Portuguese label, they still manage to surprise me with every release they put out! I received the version with the black and white artwork on a heavy silver sleeve with black flood inside and it comes with a double-sided insert, the label’s custom inner sleeve and a gigantic poster featuring Léonard’s stunning cover artwork – wow!


But as said, this release doesn’t just look stunning, Squelette’s first outings already sounded fairly brilliant five years ago – and they still do until this very day! “Brisé”, “Guele En Vrac”, Un Jour Viendra”, the The Abhored cover “Frère De Sang”, “P.C.D.F.” and “Putain De Cadence (Westport Firm)” still manage to impress and along with the packaging it turned into an absolute must for fans of French Oi! and punk music!


Aside the ‘silver’ version that I received (which is limited to 100 copies total), there’s also a version with silver artwork on a black sleeve (that has an alternative back-cover) which is also limited to 100 copies total, making it 200 copies total, so you know that means you immediately have to buy it the moment you see a copy pop up for sale! Highly recommended!

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