Still Defiant - Till The End

Usque Ad Mortem


Deutschland’s razor sharp, punk-rock hit-machine Still Defiant is back! After releasing one of my favorite demo-cassettes of 2019 through Oi! The Nische Records - which was self-released shortly after on a sick, single-sided and highly limited 12” through the band’s own Usque Ad Morten - the German lads and lass have returned with three all new scorchers for their debut single “Till The End”!


Alike the demo 12”, “Till The End” is released in true DIY spirit. So you know the drill - a very limited pressing (just 153 copies), blank (black) labels, self-made covers (available in three different colors), a photocopied lyric sheet, a stamped inner sleeve and all copies are handnumbered - just the way I like it! I know that it’s the music that counts in the end, but these kind of pressings are half the fun in my book and frontman Lenz Ranzig never disappoints on that department - not in the past and definitely not now!


But with that being said, the music on this 45 is pure class as well! Hard as a nut and catchy as hell Still Defiant bursts through title-track “Till The End” and it’s B-sides “Go Your Way” and “Work Like A Dog”. Listening to this record, I feel like the three songs are a friendly, yet urgent reminder on how real punk rock should sound - rebellious, raucous and working class, brought smartly and with style - a superb sound indeed! I really can’t get enough of this band and I truly hope that ‘the end’ is in a future far away from now - simply because the world needs much more brilliant and far too limited releases like these!


The only footnote I want to make on this release is - that to me - it feels like the track “Go Your Way” fades out a bit too soon. Then again - I am no musician, studio technician or anything like that, so what do I know? All I know is that you must own this 7” - so if you still can secure a copy somehow, make sure that you do! Still Defiant till the end!