Strongbow – Defiance

Contra Records


Going strong, yet still out of tune, for over 17 years now, Strongbow recently unleashed their fifth studio album - “Defiance”! Once again released through Contra Records, the latest full-length by these German punk rockers follows up 2015’s split 10” with Cheap Stuff – entitled “Old Habits Never Die” - with twelve new, energetic anthems – proving that they still have it after all these years!


With that being said, it took “Defiance” a bit of time to grow on me. Especially since the band’s last full-length – 2014’s “Chained” – fairly impressed me straight from the get-go. But it did (grow on me), eventually making Strongbow’s fifth installment yet another great record, filled with power and melody!


Obviously melodic punk rock sets the tone, but Strongbow wouldn’t be Strongbow without adding some extra flavor to their sound. From ska-ish rhythms to loud and roaring rock ‘n’ roll, to an organ that makes it appearance on several tracks, “Defiance” is a fun, but above all, good album, that somewhat sounds like a bastards child of early Rancid and The Bouncing Souls! Favorite tracks are “Still Out Of Tune”, title-track “Defiance”, “Nothing’s Right”, “Home”, the Springsteen cover “No Surrender” and “To The Night”.


Packed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, “Defiance” is available on black vinyl (300 copies) and limited sea blue vinyl with black splatter (200 copies). But if you don’t own a turntable, Strongbow’s latest is also available on CD.