Subway Thugs – The Good, The Bad And The Thugly

Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl


Before Bishops Green there was Alternate Action. Before Alternate Action there was The Lancasters. And before – we are getting there – The Lancasters there was Subway Thugs! Recently the band – fronted by Greg Huff of the aforementioned bands – did a one-off show at Master Brille’s Pogorausch Festival in Munich, Germany – but originally the band (which also includes members of Emergency, Sydney Ducks, Suede Razors and many others) was active in the late 90’s and early 00’s. A period now captured on the “The Good, The Bad And The Thugly” compilation!


Released on CD (Rebellion Records) and out soon (2nd week of December, 2019) on a double LP set (Rebellion Records and LSM Vinyl), “The Good, The Bad And The Thugly” contains every single song the Canadians have released between 1998 and 2002 – altogether a grand total of 23 tracks! Besides that every single song on here has been completely re-mastered, making them sound better than ever before, 16 of these tracks were never released on CD before! Though everything collected on a double LP is obviously extremely handy as well, while the bigger record sleeve really does Ramon’s superb artwork justice!


Musically though, the Subway Thugs were much rawer and louder than its successors. Definitely comparable, but definitely a more The Templars-esque, brickwall sound – which is always a good thing of course! Just crank up the volume and enjoy tracks such as “Mainstream Crap”, “Morning After”, “Bastards”, “Cheers To You”, “Betrayed”, “(We Are) The Few”, “Who The Fuck Are You”, “Memories”, “Romantic Street Bully” and “Us” one more – or perhaps for the first – time!


Limited to 250 copies, the CD comes in a hand-numbered digipak sleeve – while the double LP is limited to 500 sets divided over 200 black copies (US version) and 300 oxblood red copies (European version). All versions come with extensive liner-notes, but unfortunately the vinyl is not housed in a gatefold sleeve. A killer compilation nonetheless!