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Suede Razors – No Mess, No Fuss, Just Rock ‘N’ Roll

Rebellion Records / LSM Vinyl


Are you still crazy for some good old rock ‘n’ roll? Well, you better be! Because after an absence of two long years your favorite bovver rockers from the Bay Area are back! Of course I am talking about the Suede Razors, who are about to unleash some brand new and smoking hot vinyl for Rebellion Records (EU) and LSM Vinyl (US) this Spring!


Entitled “No Mess, No Fuss, Just Rock ‘N’ Roll”, the Oakland boys deliver you six fresh tracks on their first mini-LP since 2017’s “Razor Stomp” for Randale Records and Rebellion Records. And although there’s no mess or fuss in sight, Suede Razor’s take on rock ‘n’ roll is by all means pure impact to boot and nothing short but amazing! And of course it isn’t any different on this new release.


Delivering one anthem after another, Suede Razors know how to write a good earworm and guess what? For “No Mess, No Fuss, Just Rock ‘N’ Roll” they wrote half a dozen of them! Catchy as ever and as always on a hard stomping beat, the West Coast lads crank out their best work to date with scorchers like “Anchors Aweigh”, “Stand Strong” and “Vive Le Rock”, while “I’m A Rebel” is my new favorite Suede Razors track with its awesome melodies and massive hand-claps!


So yeah, it sure has been a while since 2019’s single “The Bovver & The Glory” - especially since the band released something every single year since their formation – but its safe to say that Suede Razors is back with full force! A must-have on either black vinyl (375 copies, LSM Vinyl), solid blue jay colored vinyl (475 copies, Rebellion Records) and some crazy splatter vinyl (150 copies) for the band!

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