Sweet FA – Mission Accomplished

Rebellion Records / Longshot Music


It must have been nine months, or so, ago when I heard a first, yet unfinished and un-mastered, mix of what would quickly become one of my favorite albums of 2016. And though it has been on an, almost constant rotation ever since, I couldn’t write or speak about it… fortunately, until now! Because with the official release date in sight, it is finally time to reveal (and review) American Oi!’s best kept secret of 2016, the debut LP of Philadelphian powerhouse Sweet Fuck All!


This band has been flooring me with 2015’s digital-demo and this year’s pre-album promo-cassette “Live By The Sword”, but the Philly boys really, and I mean really, put in the boot with their first album “Mission Accomplished”! Because hands down, this is the loudest and proudest skinhead rock ‘n’ roll album you will hear all year, no questions asked!


Anti-social and anti-fuckin’-everything else, Sweet FA barges in, marches on and takes no prisoners whatsoever! “Mission Accomplished” is full of raw, boisterous anthems, that are fueled by rage, American skinhead pride and have you singing along in no-time! The combination of excellent rock ‘n’ roll riffs, strong choruses, no holds barred lyrics and the harsh, aggravated vocals of front man and guitarist Brian run you over like a bulldozer without weakening for even a single second!


“Mission Accomplished” delivers pure American streetrock in all its power and glory, taking the best from the likes of The Templars, The Bruisers and Brassknuckle Boys, put it in a 10-hole boot and kick your fuckin’ ass with it! No doubt about it that this is my favorite album of the year and if you’re into American Oi! it will be your favorite album as well after you heard scorchers like “American Skinhead Pride”, “Forth To War”, “Cold War”, “Anti Religion”, “Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Antifa” and Thursday Evening”, no doubt about it! Oi!