Tachanka – Vengeance De Classe

Mendeku Diskak


As small as the beautiful coastal town of Brest is, the city has been a breeding ground for some amazing French bands like Coupe Gorge, Litovsk and Syndrome 81. Lesser known, but definitely addable to this list, is Tachanka, a band that quickly faded into obscurity after the recording of their four-track demo. Until now that is!


Because with the release of “Vengeance De Classe”, Spanish label Mendeku Diskak took the lead in releasing Tachanka’s only recordings – which are over five years old already(!) – on vinyl, and rightly so! Ballsy to say the least. Because with the band being disbanded, there is no name to make or live-support to give, making it tough to actively promote this release. A shame, simply because it well worth your buck!


Especially if you are a fan of fellow-residents Syndrome 81, Tachanka should be on your shortlist to buy. Delivering a somewhat similar style by combining Oi! and post-punk, the band’s sound is powerful and melancholic at the same time, resulting into catchy, hypnotic works like “Né Pour Être Chomeur” and “Tous Des Salauds” – excellent!


Housed in a foldout sleeve with some amazing artwork, this 7” is available on red (200 copies, directly from the label) and black (300 copies, available through other mailorders) vinyl. Easy pick up, especially if you are in the latter two of the aforementioned bands.