Tacita – Oltre Il Muro Vol. 0

Hellnation / Tuscia Clan


Formed last year, Tacita is still a relatively new ‘rock gang’ out of Rome, Italy. Featuring (ex-)members of Colonna Infame, DUAP, Shots In The Dark and Ennecibbi, Tacita recently recorded their first effort for Hellnation and Tuscia Clan with the title “Oltre Il Muro Vol. 0”.


Including the mystic “Intro”, “Oltre Il Muro Vol. 0” holds a total of twelve firm, street rock tracks. Completely sung in the band’s native tongue, fans of fellow Italians such as F.A.V.L., Plakkaggio and Dead End Street could easily get into the sound of the Tacita lads. Hard rockin’, sometimes even metal-like riffs and massive sing-alongs that just make you want to dive in (if your Italian isn’t as rusty as mine), go hand in hand on this debut CD, honoring their ‘rock gang’ moniker to the fullest.


Sounds great of course, but what I love most is the meager, though right amount of acoustic guitars, organs and piano Tacita implemented into their sound. They don’t shove these instruments down your throat, but they’re only used when it gives the song an extra dimension, which it certainly gives to tracks such as “Palestina”, “Colpevole”, “Questa Notte” and “Nulla Ho”. Excellent stuff!


If the Volume 0 in the title implies more chapters will follow, I am definitely interested! But first Hellnation needs to get this out on LP! Both the music and the front-cover artwork deserve the vinyl treatment.