Tchernobyl – S/T

Combate Brutal


With Faction-S, Combate Brutal proved last year that their release of a French demo on 12” vinyl can be pure dynamite! Now it’s 2020 and the Portuguese label is doing it all over again with Tchernobyl and their demo which was, just like Faction-S’ demo, originally released on cassette by Le Diable Au Corps in 2019.


Personally I reckon Tchernobyl to be one of France’s most exciting new bands out there. After their demo the band contributed a massive track to “Oi! L’album Volume 2” that same year, while more recently the Parisians unleashed their debut EP “Consumé Par Le Feu” for Une Vie Pour Rien? - which is a fairly brilliant 7” if you ask me. But if you were already familiar with the band’s demo, than that statement will most likely not surprise you!


So now that demo is unleashed in all its glory on a tough as nails, single-sided 12” that goes at it at 45 revolutions per minute for maximum power! Released by Combate Brutal you know that this record doesn’t just sound the part, but looks the part as well in the label’s uniform layout and the as superb as ever artwork by Léonard M. - love it!


Now originally the demo had ‘just’ five tracks, but with “Arsenic” and an unmentioned bonus track, the amount of songs counts up to seven tracks total on this vinyl release. Obviously this expansion is more than welcome, simply because there can’t be enough killer tunes in your life and Tchernobyl is most definitely delivering the goods!


Now I wrote the above kind of assuming you previously heard these recordings, at least most of them, before through either version that was released on cassette or somewhere online – but if you haven’t, than it’s about time you check these guys out! And if you are still able to snag yourself a copy of Combate Brutal’s edition somewhere – because the label itself sold out on these in minutes – don’t hesitate and directly pull the trigger! A must as always!