Teenage Hearts - S/T EP

Primator Crew / Tough Ain’t Enough Records


After two cassettes for High Castle Tapes, namely their demo (2018) and the recently released “Pig Parade” tape (the latter released in Canada through HoM Records), Teenage Hearts’ vinyl debut is finally out! Containing three songs total, the lads from France deliver an Oi!-infused, punk rock blitzkrieg on a red slab of wax - released by Primator Crew and Tough Ain’t Enough Records!


Cut during the same session as the aforementioned “Pig Parade” cassette, this 7” features a newly recorded version of “Won’t Change Me” on the A-side, while the flipside contains two new, previously unreleased tracks in the form of “Stupid Life” and “Brick By Brick”. But whether it is an older demo-track, a brand new scorcher or the cover of a decades-old classic, anything these guys - also known for their work with The Janitors, The Daltonz, The Headliners and Puissance Cube, just to name a few... - turns into gold, so this little 7” record is no exception!


Because not just the nice cover artwork of this self-titled EP puts a smile on my face. Teenage Hearts’ mix of ‘77, Oi! and powerpop - resulting in a raucous, yet highly contagious sound - puts an even bigger smile on my face, while it always tastes like more! In all honesty, I never got my hands on a physical copy of their six-track demo, so there is still room to expand my Teenage Hearts collection, but for now this excellent three-tracker will do!


For that extra, vintage touch, the 45 - with its big center hole - comes in a thin picture sleeve, so I highly suggest a sturdy protection sleeve to keep your record in shape. Other than that, it’s time to crank out that 45 adapter, crank up the volume and get your kicks with Teenage Hearts latest release! Keep ‘em coming guys!