Teenage Hearts – Want More!

Primator Crew / Tough Ain’t Enough Records


Teenage Hearts want more and – what a coincidence – we want more Teenage Hearts! Therefor it was only a matter of time before the lads from Nantes, France – who are also known for their work with The Janitors, Puissance Cube and The Daltonz (just to name a few) – would return. And you probably guessed it already, the time of return is right now with the release of the band’s brand new mini-LP “Want More!” for Primator Crew and Tough Ain’t Enough Records!


Released on 12” vinyl, it is inevitable to not notice that all seven tracks that “Want More!” is rich were pressed on the A-side. You’ll notice, because the B-side is screen printed and features some cool as shit artwork of the band’s Heart-mascot rocking it out on his guitar! The black screen print on white vinyl looks fantastic and fits in perfectly with the complete and old school, black and white artwork of “Want More!” - love it!


Another thing I love – undoubtedly even more – is the flipside with all the action! Featuring four new tracks (“Just Another Clown”, “Certainly Not”, “Built On Lies”, “Bar Code”), a re-recorded version of “Certainly Not” (this track first appeared on the band’s debut demo), a studio-version of “You’re A Janitor” (a live-version previously appeared on the “Pig Parade” cassette) and a slick version of Blitz’ “45 Revolutions”, the A-side is jam-packed with over 15 minutes of loud and raucous, rabble-rousing Oi!-punk that will instantly win your heart!


Now despite that I loved all of Teenage Hearts’ previous outings, they all sounded a bit demo-ish in hindsight – especially when you compare them one on one with this release. I was obviously never bothered by that raw edge, but it also makes “Want More!” stand out as it’s so explosive, sounding so more powerful than ever before – making it safe to say that this seven-track scorcher is unquestionably the band’s best work to date!


Primator Crew (together with Tough Ain’t Enough Records) released this record simultaneously with Empire Down’s “Gallows Of Winter” EP and they scored a double home run if you ask me! Because just like the already reviewed EP, this mini-LP is an absolute must have – period!