Tensión – La Locura Acecha…

Tough Ain’t Enough Records


Two years after the band’s self-titled debut LP for Nation On Fire Records and Radikal 1977 Records, the Madrilenans of Tensión are back! Returning with a three-track EP carrying the title “La Locura Acecha...”, the Spanish outfit comes out swinging once again, though this time around for Tough Ain’t Enough Records!


Now I didn’t actually notice at first – simply because the quality of the recordings are so much better, but two out of the three tracks on this 7” actually first appeared on the band’s demo cassette that came out in 2015. Individually released by three different labels – all duplicating 200 copies each, the tape was fairly successful, but holy shit – if it sounded like the recordings on this EP they would still be duplicating cassettes until this very day!


The tracks in question are “Tu Ciudad” and “Camina O Revienta” and in all fairness, I loved the rawness of Tensión’s demo – but this is sublime and obviously sounds better, stronger, tighter… - you name it – than ever before! The rest of the demo-tape, with exception of the Attak cover “Tu Generación”, already got re-recorded for the aforementioned LP, so it’s good to see (and hear!) that all songs have made it onto vinyl in its strongest form at the time they got re-recorded!


But there’s more! Because besides the re-recordings, this EP also features a track that was never released before – namely “Golpea Con Fuerza”. A great song in line of Tensión’s other work that could have easily made it on 2018’s LP – but it didn’t. Just like the re-recordings of “Tu Ciudad” and “Camina O Revienta” didn’t made the cut – while all three tracks were recorded during the same session the album was recorded.


Now that LP wasn’t too long to begin with, so these three songs could have fit on the record more than easily. Now I can make up several reasons why it should have been on there, but I can also come up with several reasons why they didn’t make it – though none of those reasons is a lack of quality. Because Tensión still kills it and Tough Ain’t Enough Records should be thanked for releasing these tracks after all!