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Territories – When The Day Is Done

Pirates Press Records


2018 marked the year of Territories’ self-titled, and might I add fairly brilliant, debut full-length for Pirates Press Records. Fair enough, it took me a while to discover them – but once I did the Canadian outfit (that features ex-members of Knucklehead) had me hooked! Needless to say, but a new album has been very much anticipated ever since!


Now if there’s one label that can keep that anticipation on a high level – thanks to its promotional work – it must be Pirates Press Records. In the run up to Territories’ latest release “When The Day Is Done”, the label already released a free phono sheet for the song “The Lockdown” and a 7” single with the tracks “Quit This City” and “Defender” in 2019. But given the fact that “When The Day Is Done” is actually a mini-album with just six songs, this also means you’re probably (and overly) familiar with 50% of its content already.


Quite a percentage yes, but some may never received that free flexi or purchased that single to begin with – and even if you did, you’re still in for a treat as “When The Day Is Done” is a sublime punk rock record once again! Especially the B-side with “The Lockdown”, the magnificent “Welcome Home” and grand finale “Quit This City” is a trio of sheer brilliancy I just like to keep listening to over and over again! The clean guitars, the anthemic melodies and powerful song-structures will get you hooked instantly and leave you, once again, hanging for more. Love it!


You like “Sink Or Swim” or “Hopeless Romantic”? Well, Territories floats somewhere in between the two and they do a fantastic job at doing so – making it a no-brainer for those who like their punk rock dripping in catchy choruses, killer hooks and superb vocals! “When The Day Is Done” is available on either white (200 copies) or black (800 copies) 10” vinyl, or on CD which includes a copy of ‘CD-record’ “Short Seller” as well.

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