The Brass - Back To Work


The Brass originated in Canada and released their incredible, pissed-off demo “Psychopath” on their own in 2013 (and in 2014 through Germany’s Hardware Records). After that the band fell apart, at least that’s what I assume, guitarist Clay moved to Brooklyn, New York, gathered a pack of brand new members and reformed The ...Brass. With this line-up the band recently released their first recordings entitled the “Back To Work” EP/demo through their Bandcamp page.

With the line-up change, the sound of The Brass shifted as well. Their first demo was an absolute twisted, the title of the damn tape wasn’t “Psychopath” for nothing(!), mix of Oi! influenced hardcore, but on “Back To Work” the tables seem to have turned. Because on the new EP the band presents four (just slightly) hardcore influenced Oi! stompers that are just fueled by anger, rage, frustration and violence! If you thought, like me, their first demo was sick… guess a-fuckin’-gain!

Just take the chorus of the re-recorded and re-written version of “Psychopath”…
“Every morning when I wake up
I think that it’s my last
Walking down the street
I feel like a psychopath
My fists are clinched
My knuckles are raw
My boots are laced
I’m ready to fight
My knife is razor sharp
And I am coming… for you!”
…to understand what I mean, this is aggro through and through! With no boundaries and certainly no prisoners that will be taken, these guys go on a full-scale rampage! The Brass manages to bring you some of the rawest and meanest of Oi! New York City has brought us in a long time!

With three additional working class anthems, “Treading Water”, “American Ghetto” and “Tear It Down”, that are heavily influenced by city legends such as The Templars and Oxblood with small hints of NWOUKHC bands like Violent Reaction and The Flex, The Brass delivers one of the sickest, hardest and best demo’s recorded on American soil in 2015. An absolute killer that needs to be out on vinyl A.S.A.P. (tape is coming soon)!